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Subscriber Management System (SMS)

SMS stands for Subscriber Management System. It is divided into 5 modules i.e. Billing - for adding UA and assign sunscriber to it and also assign bouque to he subscribers Broadcaster - Create Broadcaster LCO - Actiavtion, Deactivation, Subscribtion/ Unsubscription of bouque to subscribers by LCO Middleware:- creating bouque and channel.

The SMS is a subsystem of the CA system that manages the subscriber's information and requests entitlement management messages (EMM) from the Subscriber Authorization System (SAS). An EMM provides general information about the subscriber and the status of the subscription. The EMM is sent with the ECM. The ECM is a data unit that contains the key for decrypting the transmitted programs.A SMS system consists of several basic features:

Basic features:

  • Billing of Set-Top-Boxes.
  • Create Broadcaster.
  • Maintains Record of Subscriber Application Form (CAF/SAF) Information.
  • Prepaid / Postpaid Subscriber Management.
  • Maintains Subscriber Wise STB and VC Serial No.
  • Capable of individually addressing subscribers, on a channel by channel and STB by STB basis.
  • Dynamic creation of Packages And Facility of E-la Carte.
  • Generate Subscriber Outstanding Receivable/Payable And Ledger Report.
  • Quick Information of Subscriber's Finance history.
  • Single Subscriber With Multiple STB Maintain With Difference Packages.