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Customer Satisfaction

To be India's Leading Set Top Box Brand, with a Global Reach, and Build Customer Trust & Value by Providing a Quality Experience Every Time.

We have seen even large companies pleading before overseas CAS companies for technology which is 20 years old and not a big deal at all. We are seeing these overseas CAS companies take away icon-300-dpihundreds of millions of Dollars for technology which is not even worth (from a development cost perspective) one hundred th of that amount.

With over 100 engineers and an ongoing investment in R&D innovation, we can rapidly scale to meet our customers' needs today and in the future.

Customer Support

TS-Curious is a valued partner of choice to many service providers and operators around the world. We provide 24 x 7 support . Our customers trust us and rely on us to deliver projects on time and keep them running everyday.

S-Curious is an industry leading package of services designed to ensure clients' projects and operations are optimized now and for the future, helping them to drive business growth, customer retention and return on investment. S-Curious Research & Technologies are categorized into three main areas: Professional Services, Managed Solutions and Outsourcing Services.

Professional Services - Maximizes our extensive domain knowledge and allows us to deploy our expertise in an end-to-end project or a point solution to solve specific issues.

Outsourcing Services - A comprehensive package of key support capabilities that transform business performance.

Managed Solutions - A combination of S-Curious's products, technology, expertise and global industry reach to create tailored content delivery solution and services in a variety of business models.